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Heating Maintenance Benefits Older Furnaces (Even When They’re New)

Heat Pump Services

heating-maintenance-servicesWe’re reaching the end of heating season, even though there are still plenty of cool days left before the weather really starts to warm up. This is the right time of the year to schedule a maintenance session for your heating system and give the technician a chance to look it over for any damage that may have been incurred over the winter. This is especially the case for older heating systems, which suffer more from the wear and tear, but it can serve as a preventive measure for new systems as well.

Tune-Ups to Improve Efficiency

A heating maintenance session acts as a sort of tune-up for your system: giving the technician a chance to look the system over for any problems it may be experiencing. Many times, the problems are small, such as loose bolts or clogged filters. They can be fixed as part of the maintenance itself. In the event that something more targeted is required to fix the problem, the technician can schedule repairs with you immediately. (In many cases, it can take place as soon as the maintenance is done, provided the tools and equipment are on hand.)

The Effects

A maintenance session can help improve efficiency in your system. Tightening loose bolts and cleaning clogged filters allows it to do its job with less strain. If repairs are needed, you can get an early jump on them, which can prevent a breakdown and often save money on the repair work itself, since the damage will have less time to spread. That’s why we recommend scheduling heating maintenance every year in the fall to help keep a handle on costs and prevent any catastrophic breakdowns when you need the system to perform.

It’s Vital for Older Systems

Older systems benefit a great deal from such treatment, since wear and tear affects them much more. An older system is more apt to break down on you or elevate costs simply by running with worn and used parts. Annual maintenance allows you to spot the signs of trouble before they hit your system and then take appropriate measures. Even in cases where repairs are needed, maintenance can help lower their cost and impact. This is especially important in older systems because the warranty has likely expired, meaning you’ll need to pay for the cost of any replacement parts.

Those steps are vital for keeping an older system up and running, but they also apply when your system is still new. Regular maintenance every year not only gets you into the habit of scheduling them, but can pay huge benefits when your system grows older. By regularly keeping the wear and tear in check, the system is apt to last much longer than it might otherwise: extending its life by months or even years in some cases, and ensuring that repairs late in the system’s life don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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