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Heat Pumps Are the Systems of the Future

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You’ve probably started noticing the media coverage of heat pumps all over the news, both online and on TV. It’s real, and there are some pretty huge reasons why the media is starting to pick up on the fact that heat pumps might be the perfect comfort solution for many homeowners in America going forward.

When looking specifically at our climate, a heat pump installation in Avon, OH provides a unique set of advantages. This blog is dedicated to highlighting some of those advantages, as well as showing any homeowners who are on the market for a new heating and cooling system why heat pumps might be the system for them.

Remember, our team can always provide you with a comfort consultation to match your home with a system that’s right for your situation and budget. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get the attention you need.

Why Heat Pumps Are So Successful

It’s important that we focus on the term “successful” in this blog post, because there are several factors that lead to an HVAC system being successful or unsuccessful in affordably keeping your home comfortable. You could spend all the money in the world on an average HVAC unit, but we’d rather try to find you the best system for your prospective budget and home space.

Heat pumps are incredibly successful for three distinct reasons that we’ll get into below. They do a great job at keeping homeowners comfortable for affordable rates throughout the year. And we really mean throughout the year because heat pumps are also air conditioning systems in addition to heaters!

Energy Efficiency

First, we need to talk about energy efficiency. All heating and cooling systems are powered by some fuel source. Gas furnaces are powered by natural gas, and heat pumps are powered by electricity. That fuel costs money every month to consume, and it’s important that your system can keep your home comfortable while consuming as little fuel as possible.

Heat pumps are successful in this field because they have incredibly high energy efficiency ratings that usually go above and beyond what other systems do. Also, heat pumps run on electricity, which is becoming more and more abundant, as well as affordable.


This one is easy. Heat pumps provide heating during the winter and cooling during the summer. All you need to do is flip a switch from heating to cooling mode (and vice versa). This versatility allows homeowners who would normally need two systems throughout the year to save money on the purchase price and buy a single unit for year-round comfort.

They Can Be Ductless

Did you know that heat pumps can also be ductless? That’s right, if your home has no room for ductwork, or you simply can’t fit the installation of ductwork into your budget, then a ductless heat pump system might be perfect for you.

Yes, these systems are just as energy-efficient and impressive as their centralized siblings, sometimes homeowners even prefer the ductless models for their increased versatility and ability to run when one air handler breaks down.

Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

While a heat pump could be perfect for your home after reading this, you won’t know for certain until you call us for a comfort consultation.

Contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing to explore your installation options.

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