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The Benefits of Professional Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are exceptional pieces of technology, but if you think you can install your heat pump on your own then you’re gravely mistaken. These units are complex and use lines of refrigerant and other components that need to be sized accordingly and installed with the steady hand of a professional. That’s why we’d like to talk more in detail about what kinds of benefits you can expect from heat pump installation that’s performed by a professional technician.

Professional heat pump installation isn’t just for peace of mind, it can also help you avoid expensive repairs down the road. In some bad cases, a poor amateur heat pump installation could lead to the need for a replacement in only a couple of years.

Let’s work on mitigating these problems and avoiding some of them altogether with professional installation services.

What Can Go Wrong?

Heat pump installation is a fairly intensive process. It requires a lot of sizing, electrical work, and making sure that it operates flawlessly in both efficiency and efficacy. When you sign up for amateur service, you gamble with one of those installation needs which can heavily impact the lifespan and the repair needs of your system in the long run.

What Can Go Right?

Here’s what a professional heat pump installation can provide that amateur service can’t:

  • Correct Sizing. Getting a heat pump sized correctly is a necessary obstacle in between you and your comfort. If your heat pump is sized incorrectly, it could suffer from short cycling and eventually break down much sooner than anticipated. This requires measuring equipment that only a professional knows how to use.
  • Increased Efficiency. When a professional sets up your heat pump, they have the know-how to set it up as efficiently as possible. There are plenty of industry tips and tricks that let us install heat pumps better than amateurs. They might not seem like much, but when they all add up, they can become major points of savings for homeowners on a budget.
  • Making Sure It Works. This might not seem like an important point of professional installation services, but it’s amazing to have anyway. We stay to make sure that your system works because we’re not in this business to pull a fast one and get paid quickly. When you’re happy, we’re happy, so you’re always going to get a system that works when you sign up for professional service.
  • System Warranty. Many heat pumps require installation to be performed by a licensed technician, otherwise, the warranty could be voided right out of the gate. Don’t set yourself up for failure, make sure you get your heat pump installed by the best technicians you can get.

Give Us a Call

Heat pumps can be an incredible alternative to central air conditioning or conventional heating systems in the winter—but in order to function as written, they need to be worked on by a team of licensed professionals. There’s just no way around this. Our team can be the one to get you up and running with a brand-new heat pump today.

Call the pros at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump installation that exceeds expectations.

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