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Is a Heat Pump a Good Decision for You?

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Heat pumps form an alternative to traditional heating and air conditioning systems, using the principles of air conditioning to warm your home in the winter as well as cooling it in the summer. We don’t see as many heat pumps here in Bay Village, OH, as we do boilers or forced-air furnaces. But heat pumps have come a long way in the past few years, and depending on your circumstances, a new one might be a great fit for your home. Here’s a rundown on how they work:

Air Conditioning with Benefits

Traditional air conditioners operate by cycling refrigerant through a series of valves and coils. The refrigerant first bleeds heat in the outdoor portion of the unit, releasing it in the air as it is subjected to a great deal of pressure. The pressurized refrigerant then moves into the interior portion of the system, where is reverts to vapor form in a set of coils: pulling heat from the surrounding air in the process. The cold air is then blown through your ducts to cool your home.

A heat pump does the same thing, but with a little twist. The flow of refrigerant can be reversed so that the hot air is released inside and the air cooled outside. That allows it to serve as both a heater and an air conditioner in one, which providing considerable savings on winter heating costs to boot.

Why Should I Consider One?

Heat pumps used to struggle in extremely cold weather, but recent advances have made them much more viable and dual-fuel units (which use a small gas or electric furnace to augment the heat pump) can ensure that you stay warm over the winter. They cost less to run than other comparable forms of heating, making them a huge boon during the cold months.

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