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Consider the Benefits of a Heat Pump

Avon, OH suffers from cold winters and hot summers, and with spring currently in full bloom, now is a good time to considering installing a new heating and air conditioning system in your home. Heat pumps used to be a casual consideration at best: a combined heater and air conditioner that sometimes struggled during the cold fronts in the winter. But recent advances have improved its versatility considerably, and today it has become a smart choice for homeowners looking to improve their HVAC system’s efficiency.

How It Works

Have you ever gone outside while your air conditioner was running and noticed the hot air blowing out of the outdoor cabinet? That’s part of the air conditioner’s function: bleeding heat off of the refrigerant to reduce it to a liquid before moving it inside and shifting it back to a gas (pulling heat from the air in the process). A heat pump follows the same principles but with a twist: at the touch of a switch, you can reverse the flow of the refrigerant through the system. Hot air gets released into your home and cool air outside, letting the heat pump work as a heater just as effectively as an air conditioner.

The Advantages

Besides the convenience of combining a heater and an air conditioner into a single unit, the heat pump pays the biggest dividends during the winter.  Because it doesn’t consume fuel to produce heat—it just takes advantages of the renewable properties of the air conditioning—it costs significantly less to run it than it does other forms of heating. As a result, monthly bills are lower and the system tends to suffer from less wear and tear since it doesn’t need to work as hard as other types of heater.Call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today to discuss your options with heat pumps.

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