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Get Your Heater Ready for Winter

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Heaters aren’t exactly built to last forever. Sure, in the best of cases they produce affordable, comfortable heat for our homes season after season, but that can only last so long. The lifespan of a heater also drops dramatically when you ignore repairs, treat it poorly, and don’t sign up for yearly maintenance.

So, let’s knock off one of those heater needs by talking about ways you can treat your heating system right as you pull it out of hibernation for the year. Do you need to schedule heater maintenance this fall? Do you need to call us for heater repair in Westlake, OH? Or perhaps you need to do a bit more to make sure it’s adequately equipped to keep you comfortable?

Whatever your heater needs, we can help. We’ll talk about some tips that can ensure it’s ready to fight against the cold temperatures, as well as talk about the need for quick heater repair.

Treat Your Heater Right

The worst thing you can do when you take your heater out of retirement for the fall season is to neglect it. Sure, nobody wants to pay attention to their heaters, since their whole purpose is to make us feel warm and cozy while letting us divert our attention to more enjoyable things. However, the less attention you pay toward your heater, the higher the chances something goes wrong. Let’s talk about ways to best treat your heater.

Tip #1: Keep Things Clean

The first and most important thing you can do before you turn on your heater for the year is to clean around the vents in your home. It’s likely that your heater relies on your home’s air ducts to transport heated air into the rooms of the house. If the vents are covered with furniture, boxes, or other things, you’ll start feeling a general decline in warmth as the season goes on. Your heater will work harder and your thermostat won’t necessarily reflect the temperature it’s supposed to. Basically, keep the air flowing by cleaning and uncovering the vents in your house.

Tip #2: Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance is a vital tool when it comes to keeping your heater in good condition throughout the year. Our pros can provide small, targeted repairs that will increase the efficiency of the system, as well as reduce the number of repairs it will need over time. Think of a maintenance appointment like a day off, or a spa visit for your heater. It really needs that time to itself, year after year!

Tip #3: Clean the Air Filter

A forced-air heater has an air filter that needs to be changed or cleaned every 1–3 months. By doing this before you turn on your heater, you’re getting a head start on good heating habits. This will make the airflow easier through your system and keep the interior components safe from dust and debris.

Tip #4: Listen for Noises

When you turn on your heater, does it start making all sorts of noises? Or perhaps one really loud noise? Regardless of how the noise sounds or the degree of how obnoxious it is, it’s usually a signal that there’s a problem. Problems need to be fixed! Call us to have your heater repaired quickly and effectively before the cold weather sets in.

The heating specialists at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning have your back. Call us today!

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