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End of the Season Heating Maintenance in Avon, OH

The end of the heating season is a welcome change of pace, even for those of us that like the cold weather. Sometimes enough is enough, and the promise of mild, warm weather is always exciting. Of course, before you shut your heating system down for the off-season, you really ought to make sure that it is in the best condition possible. There is a lot of talk about preventive maintenance prior to the start of the heating season. At Westland Heating & Air Conditioning, though, we also encourage homeowners to schedule end of the season heating maintenance. Any issues, no matter how minor, should not be allowed to carry over into the next season.

A lot of people think that it is no big deal to allow a problem with their heater to carry over through the heating season, especially if they are planning on scheduling preventive maintenance prior to the next heating season. In fact ,though , because you will not be using your heating system regularly does not mean that any problems with the system will not worsen. A whole season’s worth of wear and tear should not be allowed to go unaddressed over an entire summer.

There is no way for you to be sure that a problem with your heating system, even seemingly minor ones such as strange odors and noises, have not caused real damage to your system. Shutting your heating system off will not mean that those problems will do no further damage. In the event of a boiler leak, for instance, the leak will continue throughout the inactive period. Any problems with your natural gas furnace involving the gas supply are just as dangerous during the offseason.

Plus, you never know when cold temperatures will strike again. Even if you have your beginning of the season preventive maintenance scheduled there is no way to guarantee that the cold won’t arrive sooner than expected. By tuning up your system at the end of the heating season it will be better able to jump back into action earlier than expected, should need be.

For more information about end of the season heating maintenance, call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about your home heating system. Contact us today to speak with a professional Avon, OH heating maintenance technician on our team.

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