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Bangs, Booms, and Stuffy Smells: Avoid These Furnace Problems

Furnaces aren’t unsafe systems inherently. Each and every one is built under EPA guidelines and with safety protocols in mind so they can safely and efficiently heat your home for a decade or more. Even the newer furnace models have advanced technology that makes them more robust and effective than ever. These facts don’t mean that a furnace can’t start showing dangerous signs of furnace repairs, however.

If you’re concerned about needing furnace repair in Strongsville, OH, then take a look at our guide below. We’re going to talk about several common signs we see that signal a furnace needs our help. From strange noises to bad odors, there are a ton of things that can clue you in on your furnace’s needs. You’re the first line of defense and it’s up to you to call us when you need our help!

Uncomfortable Noises

So your heater has started making some weird sounds. Your heater is not your youngest child, so making noises shouldn’t be part of its job. Instead, it’s important that you try to pinpoint exactly what these sounds sound like, so you can give us accurate information when we try to repair the unit. Here are some examples.

  • Booming. Sometimes grime can cover the burner on your gas furnace, causing it to have a delayed ignition. This usually results in all the gas in the chamber being ignited at once, making the heater boom when it operates. This might seem okay, until the booming cracks an important component like the heat exchanger, and then your health could be in jeopardy.
  • Rattling. Sometimes a misaligned component or a loose screw will result in a rattling furnace. Again, this could seem like an average noise for a heater to make, but rattling over time could eventually lead to a repair need developing. Your system could become unsafe and unsteady as it rattles year after year.
  • Buzzing. Buzzing signifies an electrical issue that could be affecting your heating system. It requires enough electricity to ignite the gas and start heating your home. When this process is interrupted or when something goes wrong, it will buzz like a malfunctioning computer or another electrical device.

Bad Odors

When your furnace operates, does it give off any bad odors? Sure, the first time it turns on in the season, it might give off a weird smell for a few minutes as it burns off the dust that has settled on the unit over the year. However, any smells that last longer than that, or are different from the smell of burning dust, could signify a problem.

For instance, natural gas is infused with a chemical called “mercaptan,” which is responsible for making it smell like rotten eggs. You might be confused as to why anyone would intentionally make gas smell bad, but it’s to make homeowners recognize it more easily. If you smell anything foul coming from your furnace, chances are likely that it’s leaking gas, which is a fire hazard!

Any other odors, like mold or mildew in your air ducts, should be checked out by a professional as well. Make sure you call us when you notice anything like this.

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