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A Furnace Should NEVER Do This

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If your furnace has been doing some peculiar things this winter, then you might be in a bit of a pickle. On one hand, you can’t just forget that your heater is making noise or doing something wrong. But on the other hand, you really don’t know if it’s worth calling for professional help.

We’re not just going to tell you to call for help all the time. That’s not really a reasonable expectation for homeowners, and it would be tough on us. What we will advise you to do is call for furnace repair in Strongsville, OH when you think there’s something wrong with your heater.

Whether it’s a noise, a smell, or higher heating bills, there are plenty of noticeable signs of problems. Let’s discuss some things your furnace should never, under any circumstance, do. Once you know what a furnace is not supposed to do, it becomes easier to know when to call us for help!

Make These Noises

We talk a lot about noises on this blog, but it’s for a very specific purpose. If your furnace is making noises like any of the following, then you’ve got a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Booming
  • Buzzing
  • Rattling
  • Shrieking
  • Squealing

None of these sounds are acceptable for a furnace to make, and they should never be ignored. While some of them might not sound too malicious, like a slight rattling noise or the buzzing of a broken electrical component, they can eventually compound into additional problems. Whether your furnace creates new problems for itself or it ends up being an expensive fix, neglect is never an option. Call a professional to have one or many of these noises investigated.

Smell Like This

Does your furnace sometimes smell like gas? While that might seem like a normal occurance, since it burns natural gas to keep your home warm, this is not good. The gas you’re smelling should be inside your furnace, not whirling around in your home. When you smell gas coming from the furnace, that gas could mean a fire hazard in your living space.

Similarly, if you smell smoke or other foul odors coming from your heater, it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Your furnace should never smell bad, and our team can help fix this type of problem.

Operate in This Way

Is your heater barely working well enough to keep your home warm? Is it constantly running up your heating bill? It’s important to take these things into account when surveying the status of your system. A poorly running system, like one that costs too much to operate or that can’t keep you comfortable, is not worth the money you spend on it.

Don’t let your furnace run below your expectations. This is not what it’s supposed to do and it could warrant repairs or even a whole system replacement.

System Shutdown

System shutdowns are never a good thing. Too many homeowners just take a mulligan and decide to run their heater again while pretending nothing went wrong. Call us if your heater shuts down and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning for heater service that gets to the root of the problem.

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