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5 HVAC Industry Furnace Secrets

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Furnaces are incredible machines when it comes to heating our homes. They’re not like they were in the old days, constantly rupturing and causing fires. Now, they’re as safe as ever and operate with incredible efficiency. Some furnace models are reaching that golden 1:1 ratio of fuel consumed to energy produced, which was previously thought of as impossible.

However, many manufacturers produce heat pumps and other types of heating systems. Sometimes, less reputable HVAC providers and these manufacturers will steer homeowners into buying more expensive heating systems because they’ll make more money, so they cover up some of the most interesting aspects about furnaces.

We’re going to break that tradition today by telling you about some industry secrets that could help you avoid furnace repair in Rocky River, OH. From best practices to the way the technology operates, you might be able to put this new knowledge to good use!

Furnaces Are Safe

Some dealers might try to push you into buying a heat pump or an expensive electric heating system by scaring you away from gas furnaces. They’ll share with you the horror stories about carbon monoxide poisoning and how scary a gas leak can be. In reality, while carbon monoxide can absolutely be dangerous, there are ways to mitigate these problems.

In general, furnaces are incredibly safe. Combine them with smoke and CO detectors, and it becomes virtually impossible for your home to be in danger of gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, or fumes injected into your home. Just make sure you have your furnace maintained to ensure this.

Furnaces Still Need Air Filters

Some less reputable HVAC providers might love it when a homeowner constantly needs their furnace replaced because it makes them more money. We don’t.

We want your furnace to last as long as possible, especially if we don’t make as much money repairing it. Furnaces have air filters inside of them that need to be replaced every 1–3 months based on usage. This can extend the lifespan of the system, keep more money in your wallet, and keep you more comfortable.

Natural Gas Is Clean Burning and Efficient

“Aren’t gas furnaces bad for the environment?”

This is something we hear often and it’s generally used by HVAC providers who want to trick homeowners into thinking that electric powered heaters are better. It’s more complicated than that.

Natural gas is clean-burning, plentiful in the US, and efficient. Also, a lot of our energy grid is powered by things like natural gas, so even if you have an electric heating system, you still could be getting that heat from natural gas produced by your municipality.

There Are Electric Furnaces

Don’t feel like investing in a gas furnace? Contrary to what some HVAC providers might try to tell you, there are electric furnaces that create heat through electric resistance. These furnaces are incredibly efficient, effective, and super affordable.

Furnaces Are Simple to Maintain

No matter what a professional tries to tell you, furnaces are one of the simplest heaters to maintain. When repairs are performed by a technician who is knowledgeable and (most of all) honest, the prices should be relatively low compared to other more complicated heating systems. Don’t let an HVAC provider try to steer you away from a furnace because they believe all heating systems are the same.

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