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5 Gas Furnace Safety Tips

Gas furnaces are inherently built in a safe manner. However, we’d be lying if we didn’t mention that there are a few problems that can arise with furnace neglect that can eventually turn into safety issues. These systems run on the combustion of flammable gas, and like any fire in your home, there is always a safety risk if the system is not maintained appropriately

That’s why we’ve chosen to discuss a few safety tips that come with your gas furnace in order to ensure you stay safe and happy. These five tips won’t keep your system completely clear of all problems, however, and you’re going to need to contact professionals for furnace repair in North Ridgeville, OH if you suspect anything more serious happening in your furnace.

So, let’s get started!

Safety Tips to Remember

What can you do to keep your gas furnace running as safely as possible? Let’s explore some options.

  • Schedule furnace maintenance. This is the easiest and most efficient way of keeping your furnace working safely, since a professional HVAC technician will be able to tell you if they notice dangerous problems like a crack in your heat exchanger.
  • Change the air filter. If your furnace struggles with a clogged air filter, it could overheat and start shutting down. Not only will this become a barrier for your comfort and quite possibly lead to a system breakdown, a stifled furnace can also quickly turn into a fire hazard when it suffers from neglect. Replace your air filter regularly to keep the furnace healthy and happy.
  • Keep your air vents open. When you start closing off certain air registers or air ducts in your home, it increases the temperature of your furnace and air ducts because heat is getting trapped where it shouldn’t be. If you take high temperatures and combine them with all the dry dust and debris in your air ducts, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Get your ducts cleaned today and keep your air vents open.
  • Clear the area around your furnace. If you’ve been stacking papers or keeping oil near your furnace, we’d like to ask you to clear them away and keep them at least two to three feet away from your furnace. Keep in mind, your furnace is a combustion system where it’s burning natural gas using a flaming burner. That means anything flammable nearby your system should be cleared away and kept at a good distance.
  • Install and maintain your carbon monoxide detectors. These systems are the first line of defense against the problems of a cracked heat exchanger. Carbon monoxide is an odorless fume that can be deadly if it’s not detected. Make sure that your detectors have their batteries replaced and that they’re in working order.

Contact a Professional

If you notice anything wrong with your furnace, or you’re unable to follow one of these safety guidelines, don’t be afraid to contact a service professional. Safety is always the top priority.

Give our team a call at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning for your furnace repair!

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