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3 Indications of Problems with Your Heater

A problem with your heating system can do more than just leave your home cold on a winter’s day. If left unaddressed, it could cascade into larger problems, and cost you money in wasted energy and higher monthly bills. The sooner you can spot a problem with your system the better, and once you do, Westlake, OH has the perfect service to call in and make things right. Generally speaking, anything out of the ordinary with your heating system indicates a problem. In particular, here are 3 indications of problems with your heater that you should watch for.

1. Low Air Flow

The heat can’t reach your home if the air isn’t flowing through the ducts. Low air flow can be caused by anything from build-up in the ducts to a problem with the fan motor, but it spells big trouble if it isn’t addressed. The hot air will stay stuck in the furnace and cause individual components to overheat. Most furnaces will shut down before that happens, but that still leaves you without a functioning system.

2. No Heat or Low Heat

This is usually the most obvious signal of a problem with your heater, but it can be subtler than you think. A system that blows cold air is one thing, but if the air is warm, but not as warm as you’d expect it to be, then it still increases the strain on your system, as well as raising monthly energy costs.

3. Higher Bills

Speaking of costs, the most reliable indicator of a problem with your heater—beyond the immediately obvious ones—is an unexpected spike in your monthly heating bills. That indicates a component that isn’t functioning as effectively as it should, and may be a precursor to a larger breakdown.

Call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning anytime you spot a problem with your heater.

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