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Why Am I Not Getting Enough Cool Air in My Home?

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If your air conditioning stops working entirely, you will know right away that something has gone amiss and requires fixing. However, it may take a bit longer to sense that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home to the level you want. You might notice warm spots or feel some discomfort, and adjust the thermostat to remedy the issue. But eventually you’ll realize that something more serious is wrong with your air conditioner that needs professional attention.

Not every loss of cooling power means a serious repair (you might have set the thermostat wrong or accidentally blocked a few vents), but the ones listed below will usually need the help of professionals to fix. Westland Heating and Air Conditioning—North Olmstead, OH home comfort experts for a quarter of a century—are ready to help your house get cool once more.

Reasons Why Your AC May Not Be Cooling Properly

Faulty ducts: The ductwork that transports cool air through your home should have no damage along it and no openings except at the vents. But corrosion and improper installation can lead to kinks and gaps in places that will cause your air conditioner to start drawing in air from other parts of your home. Because the ducts run through walls and other hidden places, the air drawn inside is usually hotter than other spots in your house, and it will raise the temperature of the air sent through the vents. The ducts will need professional sealing to repair them.

Thermostat problems: If you set the thermostat to the correct temperature and make sure that it isn’t switched accidentally to “heat,” but you still don’t get sufficient cool air, then the thermostat itself might have issues. If a thermostat improperly calibrated or poorly placed, it will detect the temperature in your home incorrectly and stop supplying enough cool air to keep you comfortable.

Ice inside the AC: If the interior of your air conditioner becomes too dirty, or a refrigerant leak lowers its charge, then the evaporator coil can develop ice along it. This will prevent the coil from properly absorbing heat and removing it from your home’s interior. The air conditioner will require extensive cleaning, or the refrigerant will need to be restored to its proper charge.

Our staff of NATE-certified technicians at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning has the experience to solve your air conditioning troubles. Contact us today for North Olmsted, OH air conditioning services before you have any more unnecessarily hot days at home.

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