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Which AC Is the Most Efficient?

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blue-question-markWe don’t want to disappoint you later, so we’ll just say it now:

The most efficient AC depends on you and how you use it.

We know that’s not exactly the answer you want to hear. It would be better if there was one simple answer, but that won’t be the case when it comes to finding the most efficient AC for your home.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Some HVAC configurations are wiser than others, depending on how your home was built and what heating or AC systems you may have already. We’ll go over a few common scenarios and tell you which AC would be the most efficient for you.

You Own No Heating or Cooling Systems

You’ve never had a heating or cooling system in your home. A new AC would be your first foray into the world of HVAC.

Ductless mini-split

For the least amount of hassle and maximum efficiency, a brand-new HVAC system owner would be well enough to go with the ductless mini-split.

This system consists of one outdoor AC unit, and as many indoor units as there are rooms in your home. Instead of using ducts, they send air directly into the room. They’re also controlled individually with a wireless remote, meaning you can simultaneously run different temperatures throughout the home. This makes them extremely efficient in the long-run.

Best of all, this kind of AC is a heat pump, meaning it can be used as a cooling or heating device. A mini-split can solve your heating and cooling problems at the same time.

Currently Own a Furnace, but No Cooling Systems

You’ve had a furnace for ages and have always thought about installing an air conditioner.

Central air conditioner

With the existence of your furnace, half the decision has already been made for you. The best option here would be for you to get a central air conditioner from a trusted HVAC company in North Olmsted, OH.

Central air systems require a duct system to work, and they can use the same set of ducts that your furnace uses. The whole home will be connected through your ducts, meaning you won’t have to pay extra to have the entire home cooled (as in the case of a ductless system).

The heat pump functionality of a ductless mini-split would be redundant in this scenario, so it would be recommended to make the most out of your duct system.

You Want to Go All-Electric

Regardless of your current setup, you’ve decided that switching to electric fuel sources is the best decision for your home. This could be for environmental or efficiency reasons.

Heat pump, with or without ducts

As we mentioned earlier, heat pumps are a type of HVAC system that allows for both heating and cooling. With the simple flick of a switch, your heat pump is ready for the next season.

Conveniently, heat pumps are available with or without ducts. If you already have ducts, the system would operate very similarly to a central air system; you wouldn’t be installing individual units in each room like you would with a ductless mini-split. However, keep in mind that duct systems—when not maintained—can be responsible for a percentage of energy lost.

We’re always available to help with your HVAC needs. Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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