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What’s That Noise?

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We’re in the middle of the summer which means temperatures are hot and staying hot. Your air conditioner needs to be up to the task of keeping your home comfortable at an affordable price. And if it’s not, then you can always call us! We’ll help you no matter what the problem might be.

That being said, sometimes the problem with your air conditioner is obvious. Maybe you’ve changed the reading on your thermostat and you’re greeted with a hissing or bubbling noise? Or perhaps the moment you get home and kick the system on, it starts shrieking? These are never problems to be ignored, and they can be the biggest reason why you’re experiencing poor comfort.

Our team is available to provide air conditioning repair in Strongsville, OH when homeowners need it. Your comfort is our main priority and we want to inform you with this blog post about the different noises your system might make and what we can do to help.

The Most Common AC Noises We Hear

In order for us to give you the most sound advice in this situation, we need to talk about the common AC noises that we encounter. Sure, your air conditioner might be dealing with a specific, unique problem, but we won’t really know that until you call us. So it’s vital that we get homeowners the most accurate information we can, and deal with the unique and special problems with our team of experts.

So, follow along for some common sounds that AC systems make, and for our explanations as to what’s happening.

Bubbling and Hissing

The first and probably most common noise we hear air conditioners make is a bubbling or hissing sound. This almost always indicates that there’s a leak of refrigerant in the system, and that it’s causing you to lose comfort and efficiency.

The bubbling indicates bubbles of oxygen forming in the refrigerant line, while the hissing is the gaseous refrigerant escaping from the system.

Rattling or Clanging

Imagine if you took a loose screw and put it in a metal box. Then you started shaking the metal box around. This is probably similar to the sound you’re experiencing because a component has gotten loose and is most likely rattling around the interior of the system. Clanging occurs usually when this problem compounds, because that rattling part might bump into a larger one and knock it out of place!


Squealing can occur when a rubber belt in a blower motor is starting to fall apart. While this problem isn’t the end of the world, it can quickly cause more problems if allowed to go on indefinitely.


Grinding is the sound of two metal objects interacting with each other. That metal-on-metal contact without lubrication can be devastating to an air conditioner, and it will quickly lead to the deterioration of your system. Call us today to have the problem inspected and fixed.


Shrieking, or any other excessively loud noise, is never a good sign and is most likely a warning that your air conditioner is breaking down. The louder the noise, the worse the problem is, so we advise you to shut the unit down and call us immediately.

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. We’ve got what it takes to fix your AC system quickly and affordably.

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