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Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioning Bills Down

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Your air conditioner works hard to cool down your entire home, so it’s no wonder the AC consumes a lot of energy. But by the end of summer, many homeowners will try anything they can to save a little bit on cooling costs. Of course, you can save money by shutting off your air conditioner. But on a hot day, isn’t there some other way to beat the heat and keep costs low? Here at Westland, we want to help you save some money, so we’ve put together a guide to a few of the ways you can lower your air conditioning bills.

Change or Replace Air Filters

The filter in your air conditioner helps improve the air quality in your home. Most manufacturers recommend replacing or cleaning the air filter once a month, but this isn’t only to keep the air clean. A clogged air filter can significantly decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner, reducing the fan’s ability to suck in the air from your home in order to remove heat.

Keep Outside Unit Free of Debris

The outside portion of your air conditioner contains a large fan that sucks in the outside air to help refrigerant with the condensation process and help heat to dissipate into the air. If clutter or vegetation blocks the outdoor unit in any way, it may become impaired or unable to complete the refrigeration process effectively and efficiently. Clear away large debris from the unit and listen for unusual noises, such as a banging noise, that may indicate debris is stuck in the unit. Call for repairs at the first sign of damage.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your air conditioning system is scheduling regular maintenance with an air conditioning technician. Maintenance is an important service in which a technician inspects, cleans and adjusts various parts of your system. It’s important to catch repair needs early on to prevent the possibility of sudden breakdowns and to lessen the impact of wear and tear on your system.

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