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The Time Has Come: AC Maintenance

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We’re well past winter, but not quite into summer just yet. But that’s a good thing, because right about now is the perfect time to get air conditioning maintenance!

Neglecting maintenance is just begging for problems. Not only does it lower your efficiency, but it also increases the chances of needing air conditioning repair in Avon, OH.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what you need to know about AC maintenance:

Air Conditioners Tend to Breakdown When You Need Them Most

Air conditioners are far more likely to breakdown at the hottest part of the year.

That might sound obvious when you have it told to you, but for the average homeowner, it’s something that’s easily taken for granted. After all, if you fire up your AC in the spring and see that it’s operating just fine, why would you assume it would get worse in summer?

The reason is because your AC doesn’t have to be sputtering or stalling just to develop a repair issue. If one crucial part comes loose or malfunctions, it can be enough to make the rest of the system fail.

Some of these specific issues we’re referring to could include:

  • Dead capacitors: Start and run capacitors are crucial for the system’s operation. If either one goes out, the AC won’t be able to perform.
  • Burnt-out blower motors: Without functional blowers, the AC can overheat or simply fail to provide enough cooled air.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Spotting a leak early is the key to preventing frozen evaporator coils, compressor failure, and inefficient performance.

Prevent the Big Problems Early On

In addition to the problems we just mentioned, there are many others that can hinder your air conditioner’s performance or even cause it to breakdown outright.

But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless in preventing them. Air conditioning maintenance is just the thing to spot these problems before they become huge problems.

Just think: would you rather budget for AC maintenance once a year, or would you rather play the AC repair lottery and potentially pay hundreds of dollars at the worst possible time?

Keep Track of Spending and Be More Efficient

Many homeowners are satisfied with running their air conditioners. Period.

But there’s plenty to think about when you start factoring in efficiency and monthly cooling expenses. Instead of being passive about AC performance, you can take a more active approach by monitoring your monthly spending. There are a few reasons why this can pay off:

  • Detect AC repair problems early. If your bill suddenly spikes, it’s often a sign of a hidden repair issue.
  • Stay on track with spending goals. If you don’t start your AC with a clean bill of health by getting it tuned-up, you won’t be able to benchmark your spending throughout the season.
  • Set aside money for HVAC accessories. The money you save on cooling expenses can go toward indoor air quality products or other HVAC accessories that were previously outside of your budget.

Is your air conditioner in need of maintenance? Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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