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The Blower Fan and AC Problems

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When you consider what an air conditioner actually does in your home, you’ll probably first think about the cool breezes that blow from the vents. That breeze comes from the blower fan in the air conditioner’s indoor unit. If the blower fan doesn’t work, your air conditioner doesn’t work: it’s that simple.

Are you experiencing troubles with your air conditioner’s fan? Then you only need to contact Westland Heating and Air Conditioning for repair in Avon, OH. We take pride in the excellent service we have provided the area for the past quarter century.

Why the blower fan is important

The most common type of air conditioning system is packaged in the same cabinet with the furnace (plus an outdoor condenser unit to release heat) where both systems use the same blower fan, which is housed at the bottom of the cabinet. The blower fan handles two vital functions in the operation of the air conditioner: it sends conditioned air through the ventilation system and out into the rooms, and it runs the warm air from the return vents across the evaporator coils of the AC. To effectively cool down air, an air conditioner’s evaporator coils must have a stream of air moving across them to create the evaporation that absorbs heat from the air.

Because the blower fan does an enormous amount of work whenever an air conditioner comes on, it will suffer from wear and may eventually need repairs. Regular maintenance service from professional technicians will make sure that the blower motor is properly lubricated and cleaned so it will have a long service life. They will also check fan blades for damage.

However, there is no way to avoid all repair needs for a blower fan. If the fan in your AC fails to come on, or you hear clicking and grinding noises whenever it activates, call for repair technicians right away. Also watch for any change in the airflow from the vents they may indicate the fan is experiencing problems. Change the air filter regularly (once a month during the summer) so that no debris will enter the return vents and dirty the blower motor.

For quality air conditioning repair service in Avon, OH on which you can count, turn to Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. Our technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience and use the newest technology to see that any repair they do for your home’s cooling (or heating) system will fix the problem and keep it fixed.

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