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Stay Cool While Waiting for Air Conditoining Repair

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You never can tell when trouble is going to strike your air conditioner, and while you can minimize the risk by watching for signs of trouble and scheduling annual maintenance sessions with your local air conditioning technician in Avon, OH, sometimes a breakdown is inevitable. Once you’ve determined that it’s not some quick-fix solution (like the circuit breaker or someone turning off the thermostat without telling you), shut the system off—even if ‘s not running—and call a repair service.

While you wait for them to arrive, it’s important to stay as cool as possible. Besides the obvious tips like dressing in lightweight clothes and drinking lots of water, we have a few pertinent tips to help you get through the heat wave unscathed. 

  • Don’t Open Doors. As you can probably guess, opening outside doors and windows is a monumentally bad idea if you’re trying to keep cool. But you should also refrain from opening doors inside if you can help it. That allows you to retain the cool air in a given room better, instead of dispersing it through warmer parts of the house.
  • Close Those Shades. Sunlight streaming into your home can elevate the temperature, so keep the shades drawn on any windows with a western-facing view.
  • Stay on the Ground Floor. Heat rises, which means the upper stories of your home will become warmer faster than the lower stories. Stay on the ground floor or even in the basement if yours is clean.
  • Don’t Run Unnecessary Electronics. TVs, computers and other equipment generate heat when you turn them on and run them. Instead of using devices like that, try reading a book or playing a board game.
  • Don’t Exert. The less energy you can use, the better, so give yourself a few hours off from the housework and try to look for quiet things to do.

Westland Heating and Air provides first-rate air conditioning repair.

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