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Our AC Maintenance FAQ

“What is air conditioning maintenance? Why would I need to purchase AC maintenance when my system is doing just fine? Why does AC maintenance cost so much?”

Don’t worry, we’re used to these types of questions, and we welcome them with open arms. Maintenance isn’t something that every homeowner is familiar with, so we understand why so many people either think it’s a scam or don’t buy into the necessity of it. While we understand why people think this way, we want to align our customers’ expectations with reality.

Yes, an air conditioning tune-up in Rocky River, OH is absolutely vital for your system. To provide more context as to why it’s vital and how it is performed, keep reading our AC maintenance FAQ to get the answers you need from a trustworthy source.

“What Is AC Maintenance?”

AC maintenance is complicated, but to homeowners it’s quite simple. A professional HVAC technician comes to your home once a year and provides a tune-up on the system. This involves making minor adjustments to improve efficiency, lubricating ball bearings, and even fixing issues that are budding to stop a repair need that might crop up in the future. Technicians can also clean your AC or heating system so that it doesn’t build up dirt and dust and it functions for longer with better performance.

Basically, a tune-up ensures that your system is running at peak performance and it’s going to last as long as it was promised when installed. The process itself is much more complicated from a technician’s point of view, but homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about the inspection details and everything else that comes with maintenance.

“Why Not Just Pay for Repairs?”

Maintenance provides a whole host of benefits that you won’t get if you just sit on your system every year and wait for it to run into repair needs or a breakdown. Here are just a few bonus effects from yearly maintenance:

  • Lower energy bills. By providing adjustments that improve efficiency, an HVAC professional performing maintenance can lower your monthly energy cost substantially.
  • Longer system lifespan. Air conditioners are supposed to last between 10–15 years. This is only achievable with yearly maintenance. Without maintenance, you can easily see this lifespan get cut in half.
  • Avoiding the vast majority of repairs. Since a professional can address budding repairs during maintenance, this stops repairs from getting worse over time.

Don’t Forget Your Warranty

If your air conditioner has a warranty, then most of the time it will require maintenance to be performed yearly. This isn’t a bad thing, since both yearly maintenance and a system warranty will protect the unit and ensure that it lasts long into the future. Warranties are worth their weight in gold, so please don’t think about voiding it to skip maintenance!

“Why the Pricetag?”

Our team makes sure to keep our maintenance plan affordable and competitive. If it feels like a lot, remember that it comes with unique benefits, like a 5-year guarantee, priority service, discounts on repairs, and more!

Shop around and let us know if you have any questions about our maintenance plan, or the benefits that come from maintenance tune-ups.

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for quality maintenance services.

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