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Is It Time to Call an AC Repairman?

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ac-repairman-going-over-paperworkWe understand no one really likes calling in for air conditioning repairs. If you’re absolutely desperate, sure, you’ll reluctantly call in. But before it gets to that point, you might be wondering if you can put off that call just a little bit longer.

You could, but you’d be placing your AC at risk of damage and possibly add some unnecessary dollars to your energy bill. We’ll give you a few scenarios where you really don’t want to put off that AC repair call any longer.

The AC Is Making Weird Noises

How do we know when a machine is broken? When it starts making strange noises! Whether it’s your car or your air conditioner, this is a universal rule for all things mechanical.

With an air conditioner, weird noises can be almost anything—and it’s usually anything but good. Normal air conditioner operation should begin with a click from your thermostat and the sound of rushing air exiting the vents. That’s about where the usual noises should stop, though.

Banging or clanking usually indicates a part has come loose or has broken. Fans, pistons, connecting rods, or other moving parts might make these noises if they’re loose or damaged. There’s also the possibility your compressor is failing.

Clicking noises commonly come from electrical components, such as capacitors or your thermostat. Constant or frequent clicking is not normal and should be investigated.

A screaming or screeching noise could be due to a refrigerant leak, which is a big AC emergency. Immediately shut off the unit and call an air conditioning repair service in North Ridgeville, OH.

Air Vents Are Blowing Warm or No Air

Air conditioner, you had one job…

Yes, it’s possible that your air conditioner can do the very opposite of what it’s meant to do, by blowing warm air or even no air at all. Worst of all, the AC will most likely still sound like it’s in normal operating order. There are a few potential reasons for this, ranging from harmful to emergency.

It could simply be due to a clogged air filter, preventing air from flowing across the evaporator coil. A frozen evaporator coil can also cause this problem, as could a broken blower fan. A frozen evaporator coil is especially worrisome because it could be due to a refrigerant leak.

The Energy Bills Are Higher

There are several sneaky air conditioner problems that will go by unnoticed until you see the latest energy bill. This is often the first place where homeowners notice anything is wrong with their air conditioner at all. That your AC is running up a higher bill than usual is enough to warrant an AC repair call.

Although there are countless issues that could lead to this, one you might not expect is if there’s a problem with the ducts. Central air conditioners use a series of tightly-sealed ducts to transport air to the rooms of a home. Of course, if that seal has loosened due to age or tampering, it can cause air to escape. This will have a direct effect on your bill since it will require more energy to compensate for the lost air.

Is it time to call in for air conditioner repairs? Contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today to request an estimate!

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