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HVAC Repairs: 3 Signs That It’s Time

Vigilance is key when it comes to a healthy heating system. If there are any strange noises, smells, leaks, or other phenomena occurring, you should always contact a professional to take a good look at your Avon, OH, HVAC system. Even with that disclaimer, it’s also helpful to know the signs that your system might need some serious repair.

Technicians often use a checklist to inspect specific components of your HVAC system to find problems. While you might not have a professionals’ checklist (unless you become a certified HVAC technician yourself), we can go over some of the more overt signs that there’s a serious problem with the machinery that controls the temperature of your home. This way you’ll know when to call the professionals.

Is It Worth What You Pay?

This might sound like a silly question, but it’s imperative to keep this in mind when looking at an old or malfunctioning HVAC system. A fully functioning heating and cooling system should keep your house at the temperature that you set on the thermostat. If your house is unnecessarily cold during the winters and hot in the summers, then your system might not be functioning properly at all. This is a huge red flag because you might be paying for a system that doesn’t even work.

Do you feel comfortable paying for a car that doesn’t drive? What about food that’s spoiled? Of course not! If your HVAC system isn’t heating or cooling to your standards, it’s probably time to get it repaired or replaced.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Have you been paying consistently more in utility costs than you were years ago? Does your neighbor who has the same system pay less in energy bills? This could be a clear sign that it’s time to replace your HVAC system. Utility bills can be a good signal to show the declining efficiency of an old unit. Often malfunctioning HVAC systems tend to work harder for worse results than their well-performing counterparts. Your system might be short-cycling, which means turning on and off frequently.

How Old Is It?

HVAC systems don’t live forever. Air conditioners and heaters have lifespans particular to the type of system installed, and no amount of maintenance will change that. For example, air conditioners have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Any more than that and you’ll run into costly problems that won’t go away. Furnaces and boilers don’t magically live forever either. They also have ducts and pipes that can break down and they will get more expensive to run over time.


What are you waiting for? If any of these might apply to your system, contact one of our technicians ASAP. The longer you let an old system continue to run, or a bad problem to worsen, the more expensive it’ll cost you in the long run. Our trained technicians will make sure to tell you if your HVAC system is running inefficiently or if its time to upgrade it.

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