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How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Off-Season

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Football season has started, and while that doesn’t mean the end of warm days here in Westlake, OH, it does mean that your air conditioner will start seeing a lot less use until it’s finally done for the winter. That makes this the perfect time to get your air conditioner ready for the off-season. A few bits of preparation can save you a great deal of heartache over the winter, and when spring comes again, your system will be ready to go without a hitch. Here are a few steps on getting ready for the off-season.

Have the System Serviced

Though some steps you can (and should) perform on your own, nothing beats the professional touch. A servicing session is designed to clean up the dirt, replace filters, and perform all those other little tasks that can lead to a big problem if ignored. If a more specific repair is needed, the technician can often spot it during this time and schedule a formal repair session to take care of it. As a result, you won’t have to take care of repairs on short notice and your system will function more efficiently overall.

Clear Away Debris

The outside portion of your air conditioner needs to be kept clear of leaves, weeds, and other debris. Go out every few weeks and clear them away from your system, especially after a storm or sudden weather. Otherwise, they can clog up the exhaust vents, or even slip into your system through the vents and cause a major breakdown.

Keep the System Dry

Along with cleaning the outdoor portion of the system, make sure you keep it as dry as you can. Calling temperatures can cause water to freeze along its length of even inside of it, causing all kinds of damage that you may be become aware of until the spring. Keep it dry or purchase a weatherproof cover for use in the off-season.

For help getting your air conditioner ready for the off-season, call the pros at Westland Heating and Air today!

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