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How Can I Use My AC to Clean My Air?


Here in Westlake, OH, air conditioning systems make the heat of summer a much less daunting issue. When properly maintained, a good AC unit can provide years of cool, comfortable indoor climates, giving you something nice to come home to when the mercury starts to rise. But beyond the cool air, your AC system can provide additional benefits that you might not have considered.

For instance, your air conditioner can help improve indoor air quality, lowering the amount of dust and other pollutants inside your home. While an air conditioning unit alone won’t address serious indoor air quality issues (they exist primarily to cool the air), they can make a difference, especially when used alongside de-humidifiers, UV light filters and similar appliances that more directly address the presence of dust and allergens in your air.

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Air conditioning units contain air filters designed to keep dust and other contaminants out of the system’s internal workings. But they also work to clean the air in general, and can prove very useful in keeping allergens and other irritants from building up in your air. The type of air filter you use and the method by which you use it can go a long way towards improving your indoor air quality. Specifically:

  • Pleated filters contain a larger surface and thus are able to capture a greater percentage of contaminants than flat filters lacking pleats.
  • Electrostatic filters work by charging dust particles, then trapping them in the filter like a magnet. They work extremely well – filtering up to 95% or airborne particles – and can be cleaned and replaced instead of being thrown away like other air filters. The downside is that they tend to cost more than disposable filter, and some models can make noise when they work.

Regardless of which filter you use, consider circulating air through it constantly. Even if you’re not actively cooling the air, turn the fan on. The more air you circulate through the filter, the more particles get caught and the cleaner your indoor air will be. For questions about your air conditioning system, and for all your maintenance and installation needs, call on Westland Heating and Air Conditioning.

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