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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring

We’re still looking at some cold days ahead here in Fairview Park, OH, but warm weather will be here before you know it and soon enough, your air conditioner will be called into service again. Now is the time to get ready for that change. By taking steps to prepare your system now, you’ll save yourself a lot of potential heartache later. You want your system to be ready to go when the mercury climbs, as well as performing as efficiently as possible. You can take some concrete steps to get your air conditioner ready for spring.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

We strongly recommend that all of our customers have their air conditioners maintained before cooling season begins. In the first place, it allows the technician to look for any potential problems that could disrupt the system just when you need it the most. That way, you can schedule repairs to get it fixed well before the heat starts to rise. And even if there aren’t any repair needs, a maintenance visit will correct many of the little problems that rob your system of efficiency, helping it do its job without costing you quite so much in monthly bills.

Clear the Outdoor Unit

Ideally, you have a cover for the outdoor portion of your air conditioner, which you can use to protect it from the elements during the cold months. Even if you do, however, you should still take some time to clear away all the leaves and other detritus that have built up over the winter. You don’t want them slipping through the vents and falling into the interior of the system. In addition, clearer a two-foot space around the unit of all obstructions, including weeds and plant growth, so that it can function at its best.

Westland Heating and Air is standing by to help get your air conditioner ready for spring!

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