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Fan Problems with Your Air Conditioner

The fan is an integral part to your air conditioner. After all, the system can cool all the air you want, but if the fan can’t blow it through the ducts into your home, it’s not going to do you a bit of good. Problems with the fan tend to create a cascading effect, as reduced air flow forces the system to work harder and increases the strain on individual components. Your monthly bills will go up and the chances of a significant breakdown—in the middle of our Westlake, OH summer no less—tend to go up considerably. There are a number of specific fan problems with your air conditioner that you should watch out for. If you spot them, shut off your system and contact a repair technician immediately.

Bent or Broken Blades

Damage to the fan itself can be disastrous, as the system no longer has the power to push the air through your system. If the fan blades are damaged or broken, you’ll likely need to replace it completely, though in some cases repair is possible.

Motor Issues

The fan motor can be an expensive repair if it needs replacement. In some cases, the problem is electrical in nature: frayed wires, loose connections or power surges that cause the circuit breakers to kick in. In other cases, a lack of lubrication will cause the motor to overheat and break down. In any case, the fan won’t operate properly.

Loose Belts

The fan belt in your air conditioner is no different than the fan belt in your car. If it loosens or breaks, the fan won’t turn and the whole system loses its efficiency.

Never attempt to fix a fan problem with your air conditioner yourself. Instead, shut off the system and contact Westland Heating & Air today. Our experts will make sure the problem gets fixed right!

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