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Ductless AC vs. Centralized AC

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With summer here in Avon, OH, now is the time to replace an old air conditioning system with a new one. The sooner you get your old system up and running, the more you can enjoy the enhanced savings and similar benefits that a new AC entails. While many people rightfully focus solely on traditional centralized air conditioning systems, you might want to consider the possibilities of a ductless mini-split system. Centralized systems cool their air in a single place, then use the ducts to move it through your home. Ductless systems, on the other hand, uses multiple units spaced throughout your home, each one charged with cooling a single room or section. Which one works best for your home? That depends on your specific needs.


Ductless systems tend to cost more than centralized systems, since you’re installing more than one unit. However, they often make up for that in monthly cooling costs, since you only need to turn on those units that cool the parts of the home you’re occupying. Centralized systems can be more wasteful since they need to cool the whole house.


Centralized systems tend to be easier to fix, since their equipment is less specialized and better known to professional technicians. But problems with ductless systems tend to center on just a unit or two, letting you move to other parts of the house when problems occur. Furthermore, ductless systems may be necessary in homes that don’t have the space for a system of ducts, limiting your options

Tailored Air

In this instance, at least, ductless systems enjoy an uncontested advantage over centralized air. After all, they let you set different temperatures in different rooms to match individual tastes. With a centralized system, the whole house will be at the same temperature no matter what.

Regardless of the right system for you, Westland Heating and Air will install it for you!

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