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Central AC FAQ: Common Questions

Central air conditioning is the most commonly installed, repaired, and maintained type of AC in the United States, and that’s for good reason. They’re a solid choice for cooling, even if we like to talk about ductless heat pumps and geothermal, we should give credit where credit is due. However, central air systems aren’t without their own set of misconceptions and questions that we sometimes get.

To make this a little bit easier for the both of us, we’d like to talk about the different questions we often hear about central air systems. When you’re thinking about purchasing air conditioning in North Olmstead, OH, a central air system is definitely a great idea if you’re ready for a new installation.

So, let’s get into some of our frequently asked questions, and perhaps we can shed some light on them for you.

How Does a Central Air System Work?

A central air conditioner works with three main components. There’s an outdoor compressor that pumps highly pressurized refrigerant through the system, an indoor coil that uses the refrigerant to gather heat and moisture from your home, and a system of ductwork that transfers the cool air throughout your home. These three pieces, (compressor, coil, and ductwork) are a quick way to show you just how a central air system can cool a home.

How Large Should My Central Air Unit Be?

This is a more complicated question to answer. Generally, your air conditioner needs to be specifically fitted to your home based on the volume of air it’s going to have to cool. An air conditioner that’s too small will run short cycles too frequently trying to cool a home that it’s too small for. An AC that’s too large will not complete a full cycle since the home will get cooled too quickly, putting unnecessary stress on certain components of the system. The honest answer is that you’ll need a professional to give you a good recommendation for the size your AC should be.

How Long Will My System Last?

Typically, central air conditioners last 10–15 years. That number implies that the system has been properly maintained, that repairs have been made adequately and in a time-sensitive manner. Without maintenance or repairs, an AC system can suffer a breakdown much earlier than that.

Does a Central Air Conditioner Function as a Dehumidifier?

Yes! As we mentioned earlier, a byproduct of the air conditioning process is the removal of excess moisture in the air. The coils will draw the hot air as well as moisture in the air that gets deposited outside.

Are There Options to Help Me Pay for a Central Air Conditioner?

Absolutely. There are federal and state tax credits to urge homeowners to buy environmentally friendly and energy-efficient systems that will last a long time. Not only that, but manufacturers often have rebates you can use when purchasing a new system or upgrading from an older, less energy-efficient one.

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