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Can Your AC Dehumidify Your Home?

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This is a complicated question, and one we’re excited to answer today. While yes, an air conditioner can remove the moisture in the atmosphere of your home, that’s not its primary job. It’s mainly supposed to cool the air in your house, and as a byproduct, it also deals with some of the humidity. This leads us to a core problem that we need to address today.

Is it good for your air conditioner to work so hard at removing moisture from your home? This is where we would say no. We want you to have the best air conditioning in Berea, OH, which means delineating some of the work to another system if possible. By running your air conditioner with a dehumidifier, you could have better temperature and comfort control in your home, while also alleviating the burden on your AC!

Keep Your System’s Efficiency in Mind

Energy efficiency is a huge metric on which we base a home’s performance and success. If an air conditioner can cool your home, then that’s great. But if it does it inefficiently, then you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. Not only will an inefficient system cost you more money, but it’s also going to negatively affect your home’s energy grid, your comfort, and your carbon footprint going forward. Only a well-maintained and efficient air conditioner is worth the money over the long run.

When humidity levels get extremely high, it’s hard for an air conditioner to run efficiently. Moisture retains heat very well, which means that an AC is going to spend a lot more time and energy removing moisture from the air as it tries to cool a home.

When coupling your AC with a dehumidifier, you get to split the two important jobs among different systems that can both work efficiently.

Remember to Protect Your Furniture and Foundation

Moisture is also incredibly bad for your home’s foundation and your basement. Once it gets to a cooler, dark area of your home, the humidity will condense and cause puddles to form, which will erode parts of your home’s foundation and be soaked up by wooden beams and other furniture. Any wooden components of your home might start to rot, while the concrete slab begins to erode. A dehumidifier can handle this problem easily, while your AC focuses primarily on cooling your living space.

Improve Your Home Comfort With a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier might be a pretty large investment, especially a whole-home model. But with our financing options and the proper scheduling, we can help you save money in the future by improving the comfort of your home!

With a dehumidifier working with your air conditioning system, you’ll be able to accurately remove a substantial amount of moisture from the air, allowing your air conditioning system to focus on cooling the air. This will undoubtedly make your home more comfortable, no matter how the temperature is outside.

Let’s focus on making your home comfortable today, whether that’s AC services that fix your problem or the installation of a dehumidifier unit.

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing to get your AC repaired or a dehumidifier installed.

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