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Beat the Heat with a Spring AC Tune-Up!

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Spring is on the way and that means summer won’t be too far behind. When it comes to your air conditioner, you’re going to need to keep it in good condition, and ensure that it will respond in the middle of our patented heat waves. That starts now with a spring AC tune-up. And with the deal we have going now, there’s never been a better time to schedule a tune-up today.

What Is a Tune-Up?

A tune-up differs from a repair call in that it isn’t intended to address a single specific problem. Instead, it gives the technician a chance to check the air conditioner for any problems, big or small. If the issue is comparatively minor–tightening a loose wire, for instance, or replacing a bolt that has worn out–it can be accomplished as part of the tune-up. If it’s something more substantive, repairs can be scheduled on the spot. In many cases, the operation can be conducted immediately after the tune-up, and in any case, it can be performed at a time of the homeowner’s convenience.

What Does a Tune-Up Do?

What kind of an impact can the tune-up have? Exact results vary, but generally boil down to three specific advantages:

  1. Easier Repairs. If your air conditioner needs repairs, now is the time to learn about it. A tune-up lets you spot the issue and schedule repairs before you have huge need of the system: keeping the damage from spreading and sparing you an ugly breakdown in the middle of summer. That can often save you money, since the issue won’t have advanced so far, as well as allow you to schedule repairs at your convenience instead of having to rearrange your schedule.
  2. Lower Bills. Little issues like loose bolts and wires can drain your system of resources, forcing it to use more energy than it should to keep your home cool. A tune-up can fix those problems and lower your monthly air conditioning bills in the interim. It also cuts down on the risks of a future breakdown, since it reduces the accumulation of wear and tear on the system
  3. If you schedule maintenance regularly (once or twice a year), the cumulative effects can really add up. Not only does that mean repairs later in the system’s life will likely be less frequent and cost less, but you can actually extend the overall lifespan of the system: by months and even years. When you consider the costs of installing a new system, the overall savings can add up to quite a bit, and they’ll also delay the unpleasant task of buying a new air conditioner before it’s absolutely necessary.

Summers are long and hot in our neck of the woods, and you want your air conditioner to function as efficiently as possible. Now is the time to schedule a spring AC tune-up. And now you can save 10% on our normal $89 furnace or AC tune-up offer. We serve homes throughout Westlake, OH area, so call on Westland Heating and Air today!

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