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AC Repair FAQ

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioners need to be repaired at least a few times during their service lives. The only problem is that in order for a professional to perform sensible repairs that are needed for your AC, you’ll need to call us when you suspect a problem. This is probably the most important, and often neglected, part of the process.

In order to mitigate that issue, we’ve included a brief FAQ centered on repair issues and when to call a professional for help. Ideally, we’d ask that you call us even if you’re not sure if there’s a problem or not, but most homeowners want a more specific response than that—so here you go!

AC repairs in Westlake, OH aren’t to be scoffed at. Don’t let heatwaves take you by surprise and cause a small issue in your AC to get much worse. Call us today!

Why Is My AC Having Trouble Cooling My Home?

This is the first topic we want to approach in an FAQ because it’s one of the most common questions we get! Air conditioners rely on multiple parts that work together, from refrigerant lines, to blower motors, and even an air filter that siphons air from your home. When there’s something wrong with your AC, you’re going to want to take repairs one step at a time.

Go ahead and replace your air filter (which should be replaced every 1–3 months regularly) and check on how the system is doing. If you’re still having trouble, perhaps there could be a refrigerant leak or a problem deeper within the system. Call a professional to have it checked out.

Why Are My Bills So High?

This is an interesting point, since a lot of homeowners don’t think to relate their high energy bills to a struggling air conditioner. Many people think it’s just their electronic devices or television that are consuming more energy when it’s actually their AC!

If you’re encountering high energy bills, it can be a sign that there’s something wrong with your air conditioner. When these systems encounter mechanical stress, they begin consuming more energy to perform the same amount of cooling. That’s not fair to you since you didn’t sign up for a system that consumes more than you thought it would! Call a professional today to have the issue addressed and efficiency levels brought back to normal.

What If I Hear a Noise or a Smell a Strange Odor?

Neglectful homeowners have a mantra: If it’s still working, then it doesn’t need repair. That’s not even close to true, and we’re here to dispel that myth. Air conditioners, aside from whirring fan motors and the sound of air gently whooshing from your vents, are not supposed to make excessive sounds. Likewise, air conditioners aren’t supposed to smell enough to notice.

If you’re starting to notice strange noises and sounds coming from your vents or air conditioner, no matter how well you think it’s still working, there could be something seriously wrong. Noises are not to be neglected, and we want to be abundantly clear that this noise or scent could signal a problem that shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Call the team at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning for comprehensive AC repair.

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