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AC Maintenance Is Still a Good Summertime Choice

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We talk a lot in the spring about air conditioning maintenance. It’s one of the most convenient seasons for that service, and it’s also something that we deem necessary for every air conditioning unit around. However, this year was a complicated one, and we’re not surprised that a lot of customers might not have been able to afford or invest in AC maintenance at that point. That’s why we’d like to talk to all those customers who might think it’s too late for maintenance: it’s not!

Air conditioning in Parma, OH requires yearly maintenance in order for the technology to operate at peak performance. When systems are neglected, it becomes easier for the unit to run into problems, run inefficiently, or generally surprise you with issues that you weren’t aware of.

So, let’s talk about a few reasons why air conditioning maintenance can actually be great right now, and how it’s never too late to invest in such a valuable service.

Why Springtime Is Great for Maintenance

So, why do we talk about AC maintenance so much in the springtime? The answer is actually quite simple.

First of all, springtime is right before summer, so it’s the “calm before the storm” where you’ve got a brief window of time that you don’t heavily rely on the system and it can be maintained. If we find out that the system needs to be repaired from our maintenance inspection, then you’ve got plenty of time before summer hits to get them fixed.

Secondly, AC maintenance is great in spring because our schedule is much more open than it is in the heat of summer. Our summer schedule is filled with repair calls so it can be hard to fit maintenance appointments in at your convenience.

The Secret Behind a Well-Maintained AC

Want to know a secret? It doesn’t actually matter when you schedule air conditioning maintenance. It might be for your own personal or scheduling reasons, but in regards to your air conditioner’s technology, the season is practically irrelevant. What’s important is that it’s done routinely.

Central air conditioners are heavily relied on for the cooling season, from spring to fall. That’s a lot of time spent using these systems to ensure they cool our homes. So, springtime maintenance can be a great idea because it’s just before the cooling season, but as long as your system is maintained once a year, you’re likely to get the same benefits that you would from early maintenance.

For heat pump and ductless units, it’s imperative that you get them maintained twice a year. Remember, these systems are both air conditioners and heaters, so they work almost twice as hard as conventional cooling systems. This means that routine maintenance twice every year is going to maximize comfort and efficiency and reduce wear and tear.

Look to the Future for Scheduling

Here’s a tip for your AC maintenance future: schedule next year’s appointment while you’re getting maintenance done this year. This is an easy way to set a schedule that can be hard to forget. Then, you’re getting the most out of your technology by ensuring that it gets maintained every year!

Call Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for AC maintenance at your convenience!

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