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A Guide to Setting Up Your AC This Year

When you really think about it, summer feels like it’s far in the future. Temperatures are still mild right now, and we’re still in the early stages of spring, so there’s no rush to set up your air conditioner, right?

Well, as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. Spring is full of great activities, budding fruits and vegetables, and longer days which allows for more fun with the family. Before you know it, summertime will be here. So the earlier you work on setting up your air conditioner, the better!

This guide will break the setup down into three components. We’d like to highlight the cleaning, analyzing, and maintaining of your air conditioner. Two of those points can be done yourself, but air conditioning maintenance in Parma, OH must be done by a licensed professional. Once these three things are done, then you’re all set for the months ahead!

Cleaning Around Your AC

First of all, we want to be clear. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the interior components of your air conditioner, like the coils. Leave that to the pros on our team.

No, the most important thing you can do during this spring cleaning time is to clean around your air conditioner. Sweep around the outdoor cabinet and remove any sticks, pebbles, or debris that might have gotten lodged in or under the system. Then, make sure the indoor components are in good shape and not covered in dust or surrounded by storage containers. If things seem clear and easy to work with, then you can consider this step complete.

Analyze Your System for Problems

Now, take a look around your system for any visible signs of damage. This is important because it could be the difference between calling a professional for maintenance or repairs. If you notice your ductwork split open, the system makes noise while it runs, or a loose component on your system, then you should think about getting it fixed first.

The most important part about this step is that you take notes as to what you find or hear. Then, we urge you to relay this information to your prospective HVAC professional so they can provide the fix, or at least schedule a repair at the earliest convenience.

Invest in Maintenance

Now, it’s time for the fun stuff. Maintenance is an excellent service that allows a professional technician to provide adjustments, minor repairs, an inspection, and thorough cleaning of your system in one go. This service is vital for the efficiency of your air conditioner, since one of the main priorities of maintenance is making sure that the system runs as optimally as possible. Even if your air conditioner is 8 years old, it should still run efficiently with yearly maintenance and shouldn’t be gobbling up too much electricity.

Everything else is designed for the longevity of your system. If parts are kept in working order and fixed to be in their optimal state, your air conditioner has a fighting chance of living through the rest of its service life. So, now that you know, don’t hesitate to schedule this service.

Trust a pro for your next maintenance appointment. Contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing!

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