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4 AC Noises You Should NEVER Ignore

Let’s say you’re sleeping soundly one night and you hear a bump. If you had a long day or you’re having some great dreams, it’s usually a good idea to ignore it and go back to sleep. While horror movies might have us think that everything that goes “bump in the night” is bad, that’s not usually the case for any homeowners out there.

However, the real horror story are the noises you might hear in the night coming from your AC that signal big problems. When these type of noises occur, regardless of if they’re during the day or at night, they typically require AC repair in Strongsville, OH. When they’re ignored, unlike other noises that might come up in our home, they tend to become more expensive to fix and can lead to your air conditioner breaking down!

How about we avoid a breakdown and talk about what these noises mean and why you shouldn’t ignore them!

Four Signs of a Bad Time

These four noises are some of the worst we are called to address. We’d like to talk to you about them because the earlier you call us to have them repaired, the better. Let’s get started with these noises you absolutely, under no circumstances, should ignore!

1. Screaming or Screeching Noise

Generally, there’s a rule of thumb we use for air conditioner noises. The louder the noise, the worse the problem probably is. Screaming or screeching noises can often be loud and unsettling, which is the perfect excuse for a homeowner to turn the system off and call for the help of a professional.

Screaming or screeching generally has to do with either a refrigerant leak or a pressure problem with the compressor. A screaming or screeching air conditioner could be making that noise because of high internal pressure caused by the compressor. Since the compressor is the most expensive and integral part of the AC, it’s vital you get this problem assessed immediately.

2. Clanking

First comes rattling, then comes clanking, and then trouble. Clanking is usually the sound that there’s a loose part getting knocked around the system. The reason why we say this shouldn’t be ignored is because of the following.

Rattling might signify something small is loose, but clanking is usually the sound made by a part that’s larger and loose. Larger, loose parts bumping around the interior of the AC can be huge problems down the line. Get this problem addressed so you can avoid further problems.

3. Clicking

A clicking sound is usually made when an air conditioner turns on or shuts off. However, other clicking noises can denote a failed electrical part. Or, a more sinister problem that clicking signifies is something wrong with your home’s electrical system. Either way, don’t put up with this kind of problem. Call our team to have it addressed!

4. Grinding

Not only is a grinding noise unsettling, but it also signifies that something is rubbing up against something it shouldn’t. This is the definition of wear and tear, and can dramatically shorten the lifespan of an air conditioner if left unattended. Call our team to have a grinding noise assessed so that we can determine what needs to be repaired or replaced before things get worse.

The team at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning has the experience required to deal with these problems. Call us today!

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