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3 Ways Preventative Maintenance Helps Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioning system is like any other appliance. As it runs, it is subjected to stress and strain that will eventually cause a breakdown. That’s of particular concern in towns like Westlake, OH, where summers are hot and the air conditioner needs to run almost daily in order to keep your house cool. A preventive maintenance session, conducted early in the cooling season, can make a huge difference in how your air conditioner functions. This isn’t strictly a repair session: more like a tune-up to address multiple small concerns to keep them from becoming big ones. Here are 3 ways preventive maintenance helps your air conditioner.

1. Lowers Monthly Bills

By tightening loose fittings, recharging refrigerant and swapping clogged filters, the maintenance session improves overall efficiency of your system. That means you won’t be paying as much for monthly bills over the summer, helping to cover the costs of the maintenance session.

2. Lowers the Risk of Repairs

Not only do all the little steps of a maintenance session help lower stress and strain—reducing the risk of a component breaking down—but they allow the technician to identify potential trouble before it interference with the functioning of your system. The chances of a repair session are lowered and when repairs are necessary, they tend to cost less than they would otherwise.

3. Extends the Life of Your System

Over time, the TLC involved in regular maintenance will help your air conditioner weather the ravages of time much more easily. If you schedule sessions on an annual basis, you could extended the life of your system by months or even years.

Now is the perfect time to schedule a session for your air conditioner, leaving you ready for the warm weather and confident in your systems ability to perform. Give the experts at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to get started!


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