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3 Repair Problems With Your Air Conditioner’s Fan

Your air conditioner may be incredibly efficient at generating cool air, but without a reliable fan system, that air can never reach your home. Low air flow can be as problematic as an inability to create cool air, and it often stems from a problem with the fan. Air conditioning repair in Avon can usually handle any problems that arise, but the more you know about the possible causes, the more quickly you can spot signs of trouble and summon help. Here are 3 repair problems with your air conditioner’s fan.

  • Faulty motor. The motor controls the fan blade and when it runs into trouble, the fan will slow or stop entirely. Issues can stem from an overload in the motor, faulty electrical wiring preventing it from getting power, friction caused by a lack of lubricant, or even a frayed or damaged fan belt. In some cases, you can fix the problem by hitting the motor’s reset button. If that doesn’t work, however, you need to call in a technician.
  • Problems with the blade. In some cases, the blade itself may be misaligned or the fan blades bent out of place. The blades may also suffer damage if twigs or other detritus get lodged in the turning mechanism. Ideally, the problem can be fixed with just a little tweaking, though you may need to replace the entire fan to correct the issue.
  • Clogs or blockages. Sometimes, the fan itself isn’t the problem, but blockages or build-up in the system is interfering with its ability to do its job. Blockages can arise in the ducts, via a clogged air filter, or any other air passage, but until it’s addressed, the fan won’t be able to do its job.

If you encounter repair problems with your air conditioner’s fan, the next step is to contact the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning for help. We’ve serviced air conditioning systems in Avon for over 25 years, and we won’t rest until the problem is fixed to your satisfaction. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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