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3 AC Maintenance Tips

Welcome to spring! We’re finally in the month of May, and we’re probably not the only ones enjoying the blooming flowers and the warmer temperatures. It honestly feels great, and we can’t wait to see some of our customers, neighbors, friends, and family members out enjoying the warm weather in the coming months.

Just as the weather is supposed to get warmer, we’re going to be shifting gears to help people with their air conditioning needs. Sure, you can always call us for an AC repair, but there’s more to air conditioning than just fixing old systems and installing new ones. Every air conditioner needs to be maintained!

Today, we’d like to cover some helpful tips when exploring AC maintenance in Strongsville, OH. By investing in our maintenance services, and doing a few things on your own, you’ll be in great shape for the summer ahead.

1. Clean Around Your Air Conditioner

In order for us (and you) to properly have access to your air conditioner, it needs to be cleaned. We’re not talking about a deep clean or anything like that, just a bit of spring cleaning to help the system run as it’s intended.

For starters, try hosing off the outdoor cabinet with water. Make sure any dirt, dust, debris, or even nesting critters or insects are sprayed away so the system’s vents are clear.

Then, head down to the inside component of your AC. This component should be free of any storage containers, boxes, or other things that might be on top or beside it. These can also inhibit the airflow that the system is trying to cool, and will ultimately make it harder to maintain.

2. Change the Air Filter

Make sure you change the air filter!

This component is located in the return air duct and it’s an important part of the system. It traps contaminants like dust and dirt, stopping them from entering the interior parts of your air conditioner and getting stuck to the coils.

This component is easy to replace on your own, so we’d recommend doing that before the season gets underway. Remember, this is something we actually recommend homeowners do on their own. If you need any help with this, make sure you tell us during maintenance or call us for a walkthrough. We’re happy to help!

3. Schedule Maintenance

Yep, we mean right now! You don’t need to schedule maintenance today or even in the same week. But we’d recommend getting a maintenance appointment on the books pronto.

Our schedule will begin filling up as the temperatures get warmer and as more people get the idea of having their AC systems maintained. Maintenance is a mandatory service for many AC units, since it keeps the warranty intact and allows for high-efficiency performance. You won’t be the only one scheduling this type of appointment, so we’d recommend calling us nice and early so we can put you on the books for a day that’s convenient to both of us!

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