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What Can Rooftop Units Do for My Business?

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Rooftop air conditioning units are a common sight in office buildings and similar commercial spaces such as malls. They’ve become the staple for most types of business and here in Bay Village, rooftop units make an easy and advantageous choice for your commercial HVAC system. If you’re considering a new system for your building, you should seriously consider such units. But why specifically? “What can rooftop units do for my business?” you ask. Here’s a quick rundown.

Commercial space, whether it be an office building, a piece of retail space or a restaurant, has much different air conditioning needs than a residential home. Homes tend to have a set number of occupants regardless of who owns them at the time. Businesses, on the other hand, must deal with a constant ebb and flow of occupants: not only customers who might come and go but expanding and contracting numbers of employees, depending upon the needs of the business in question. Not only must a commercial HVAC system support a much larger space, but it must be able to grown and shrink to meet ever-changing needs.

Rooftop units are perfect for that. They have a modular natures, which means you can add and subtract new ones as the need arises. If you expand into a new floor, there’s no need to completely revamp your HVAC system. Just add another unit or two. Similarly, if a tenant leaves one section of your office building, you can remove the extraneous units with little or no fuss. Furthermore, since space is at a premium in most businesses, you don’t want to take up precious square footage with a big system. Rooftop units are out of the way, and yet easily accessible in the event you need repair.

For more on what rooftop units can do for your business, or to schedule an installation session, give the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning a call. Our trained staff has years of experience handling commercial HVAC services in Bay Village, and we’ll set up a system that fits both your needs and your budget. Give us a call to make an appointment today!

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