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The Benefits of Commercial Rooftop AC

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Commercial air conditioners are as important as residential models during our hot and muggy Ohio summers. Indeed, in some ways, they might be even more important, since most people spend the heat of the day in an office, a retail store, a school building, or a similar structure that requires commercial air conditioning. That system also needs to perform as expected day in and day out. When it doesn’t, you need a good service to take care of the issue quickly and effectively, without disruption.

In most cases, modular rooftop air conditioning units make the ideal means of delivering cool air to your commercial space (as well as warm air in the winter in most cases). Modular units involve a series of identical HVAC units, each able to deliver a certain amount of cooling power. Why place them on the roof and why use modular units instead of a single AC? There are several good reasons, all of which provide key benefits to your office or business.


The main reason to use modular units is to adapt to the changing needs of a given business or space. A residential system rarely needs to change much when a family grows or a new family moves in. It’s still cooling the same amount of space in the same basic way regardless. This isn’t true with a commercial space. In the case of new tenants entering the space, new cooling needs must be met. In the event an existing business expands or has new cooling needs, then those needs must be met.

Modular units allow this to take place without a great deal of fuss. You don’t have to replace the entire HVAC system, rip out ducts, or any other expensive operation. You simply add another modular unit to the system to improve the power output or disconnect one to lower it if necessary. The rooftop makes the perfect place for such units since the technician can do the work without having to move through the building itself. Rooftops also provide plenty of room for expansion, since the rooftop usually has more than enough room to support as many units as you need to install.


Along those lines, the rooftop provides accessibility and ease of access that an indoor unit simply can’t. That’s especially important for businesses since repairs, replacement, and maintenance services can disrupt your day-to-day operations a great deal. Technicians who need to move heavy equipment through the space can be incredibly disruptive, as can the noises of fixing a piece of equipment like an air conditioner. Depending on the nature of the issue, it might even force you to send your staff home while the work takes place.

Rooftop placement eliminates those concerns. It’s easily accessible, and technicians can bring equipment up from the outside of the building in many cases, eliminating the disruption to your business. It also allows the technician to work unmolested, keeping their work and yours separate to ensure that both are conducted properly.

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