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How Do Rooftop Units Benefit My Commercial Space?

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Commercial HVAC systems have different needs than residential systems. They need to be more powerful, for starters, since they must heat and cool more space and support a comfortable environment for more people. They also carry bigger consequences when they suffer a breakdown, since an uncomfortable environment can lower productivity and drive customers away. Here in Rocky River, OH, a lot of businesses use rooftop units to heat and cool their business space. It gets around a lot of those issues and helps maintain the dependability that most commercial endeavors need. How? Here’s a quick breakdown.


Rooftop units are all of a uniform size in most cases. Multiple units are installed in order to meet the power load required by the building. That allows new units to be added and old ones to be taken away based on the changing power needs of the residents. Such operation can be conducted quickly and easily, without making any changes to the remainder of the building HVAC system. Furthermore when repairs are needed, they rarely affect every unit. It’s usually only a single unit that’s affected, allowing the remainder to keep operating and maintain comfortable temperatures for your staff and customers.

Space Saving

Placing the units on the roof has a second important feature. It saves space. Though the system becomes somewhat more vulnerable to the weather, the units are usually built for that purpose. The roof can be easily accessed in most cases and the units themselves are out of the way, leaving space for storage, work stations, and parking.


In many cases, the use of multiple units ensures that you don’t waste any money in unnecessary heating and cooling power. You can tailor the energy expenditure to match your needs and keep some units turned off if they aren’t needed. For businesses with an eye on the bottom line, that can be vitally important.

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