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3 Advantages to Modular Commercial HVAC Systems

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If you own a business or work as an office manager here in Westlake, OH, you know that commercial HVAC systems have unique aspects to better enable them to meet the specified needs of the space. Commercial buildings aren’t the same as residential buildings, and while the principles of heating and air conditioning are unchanged, the methods used to deliver them need to reflect that. Many businesses opt to use modular units for their HVAC needs: multiple units, usually mounted on the roof, which each combine to deliver the heating and cooling for your building. You may ask yourself what the advantages of such a format are. We’ve provided three of them below.

1. Flexible Power Output

With residences, the power needs of an HVAC system remain more or less the same regardless of who is living in the house. Commercial spaces, on the other hand, have fluctuating needs based on the nature of the business, the number of employees and the presence of equipment such as computers which may require specific temperatures. Modular systems allow you to add and subtract power levels without replacing the whole HVAC system: adjusting for new occupants, expanded business needs and the like for minimal effort.

2. Ease of Repairs

Commercial HVAC systems need to be repaired quickly once they break down. Employees can’t function in an uncomfortable environment and customers will happily go elsewhere rather than put up with it. When modular systems break down, it usually affects one unit only, allowing the rest to continue functioning until you can schedule repairs.

3. Multiple Occupants

Many office buildings and commercial spaces have multiple occupants, which may have vastly different heating and air conditioning needs. Modular units allow you to meet those needs quite readily, without forcing any occupant to compromise.

To install, repair, and maintain modular commercial HVAC units, give the pros at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning a call!

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